General Sleep-Related Sites: Sleep Medicine Home Page – A superb site with well-organized spectrum of valuable articles, links and services.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (formerly, American Sleep Disorders Association)

National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Disorders Guide – A comprehensive information guide about sleep disorders. Descriptions, symptoms, causes, treatments of various sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, restless legs and narcolepsy.

Sleep Home Pages

Sleep Medicine Home Page – An excellent source of additional links and resources.


Talk About Sleep

The Sleep Well



Specific Sleep Disorder-Related Sites:

American Sleep Apnea Association

Healthy Resources – A particularly valuable site for sleep apnea, snoring, COPD and The Phantome of the Night.

Narcolepsy Network


Sleep Disorder and Fibromyalgia-Related Sites:

Chronic Pain Foundation

The Fibrom-L Community Website


Sleep Disorders–Their Psychosocial Aspects:

Panic Attacks – A brief introduction to anxiety and panic attacks. Find information about symptoms, causes and complementary and alternative medicine solutions.


Transportation Safety-Related Sites:

AAA Foundation

Truck Safety


General Health/Medicine Resource Sites: – Health Directory and Resource

Doctor’s Guide to the Internet

A to Z Health – A complete guide to information about self -improvement, personal growth and self help on the internet.

Special Needs, Family Fun – An excellent resource for families with disabled members. (search engine) (search engine)