Getting Help

We are dedicated to getting and keeping patients well rather than simply doing “Sleep Tests”

While we are located in Columbus, Ohio, patients have come to us from four continents (Europe, Asia, North and South America) for evaluation and treatment: from as far away as Thailand, England and Wales in the United Kingdom, Colombia (South America), Puerto Rico, California, Washington state, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Alabama, Arkansas, North and South Carolina, Illinois, West Virginia, Indiana, Virginia, and Georgia.

We have achieved a national and international reputation for quality care.

People contact us from towns and countries around the world to seek information and our assistance.

Many of the patients who seek our help have already been evaluated at as many as six other sleep centers only to be left untreated.

What sets us apart from the other sleep centers?

We ensure superior staffing and individualized care

There are sleep facilities that utilize marginally trained technologists who receive little input from the center’s sleep medicine physicians.

Also, nearly all in the U.S. have each technologist record at least two or more patients simultaneously. Ours is one of the very few sleep disorders centers in the U.S. that

insists upon 1:1 patient: technologist ratios for seriously ill or complex patients.

All of our technologists are Registered Polysomnographic Technologists, proof of their knowledge and intensive training. Furthermore, our medical director reviews all

completed recordings on the morning after their completion and provides the technologists with feedback and with guidelines for testing and interventions to be used during the

patients’ second overnight studies.

And we track satisfaction rates. Over 95% of our patients rate the care that they received during testing as excellent!

We possess extensive diagnostic capabilities

We are the only truly full-service sleep center in central Ohio.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we can help all patients, irrespective of the nature of their difficulties. Achieving this goal requires the immediate availability of special testing capabilities that unfortunately are not offered by many centers.

For example, we can do specialized testing for:

    • SEIZURES: a frequently undetected cause of disrupted sleep, abnormal sleep behaviors and daytime impairment.
    • ACID REFLUX DURING SLEEP : a common, easily overlooked reason for sleep related chest pain, choking, coughing and breathing difficulty.
    • UPPER AIRWAY RESISTANCE SYNDROME (an extremely widespread but seldom diagnosed condition that results in chronic excessive sleepiness).
    • Many patients who are being treated for idiopathic hypersomnia with medicines and who are doing poorly actually have upper airway resistance syndrome!
    • BUILDUP OF CARBON DIOXIDE IN THE BLOOD: a dangerous problem that can depress breathing and that can be worsened by oxygen administration.

We have the most advanced treatment capabilities in central Ohio

Some sleep centers still do not offer even those treatments for central sleep apnea that have been available since 1990. They are practicing sleep medicine as it was over 17 years ago! This problem is serious. Central sleep apnea afflicts a large percentage of patients who have either heart disease or sleep complaints.

Central sleep apnea afflicts half of patients with heart failure–and it can cause progressive worsening of heart function. And central apneas develop in 15% of all patients with obstructive sleep apnea when they are started on CPAP or “BiPAP”.

Failure to treat central sleep apneas can result in major complications… and such failure to control central apneas can also render patients unable to tolerate CPAP and “BiPAP”. Central sleep apneas are a major reason why so many patients with sleep apnea abandon treatment.

We were the first sleep center in this region to offer treatment with adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV), an extraordinary breakthrough for patients with both central and obstructive sleep apnea. ASV is the answer for many patients! It adapts to the patient’s needs, which renders it far more comfortable than the older treatments. And we have extensive experience in its use. We regard ASV as the greatest single advance in sleep apnea therapy since the introduction of CPAP in the mid-1980s.

If you have had difficulty tolerating CPAP or “BiPAP”, or if you suffer from heart failure that is not responding well to treatment, ASV may be the solution you are seeking.

Also, many patients with muscle weakness, chronic lung disease (COPD), severe obesity and other disorders that restrict the depth of breathing experience severe drops in blood oxygen levels and potentially dangerous accumulations of carbon dioxide in the blood. Carbon dioxide is a waste product that can reduce the patient’s drive to breathe. A breakthrough therapy for this serious and widespread dilemma (AVAPS™) just became available. We are the first in Columbus to offer this revolutionary new treatment.


We expedite our patients’ evaluations and institution of treatments

We assess patients promptly to provide them with timely relief of symptoms…and to protect them against such devastating complications as heart attack and stroke (which are common consequences of untreated sleep apnea).

We are aware of a number of patients evaluated elsewhere who died or experienced life threatening complications that were the preventable consequences of delayed treatment. We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the patients who turn to us for help are never left at risk of such tragic outcomes.

Our physician routinely reviews all overnight sleep studies the following morning–not days or weeks later, such as occurs at some sleep centers. And if your sleep disorder is serious, you will either be contacted by telephone or seen in the office on the day after you finish your testing, to discuss your test results and to expedite treatment.

The bottom line? You will not be left without answers for weeks or months.


We don’t sell treatments. We prescribe only what appears best for our patients

We recommend only those treatments that are best for our patients.

Many sleep centers sell CPAP and bilevel PAP machines, CPAP masks and supplies. Unfortunately, we are aware of a number of cases in which they offered their patients only those treatments that were most profitable for the sleep center…and that did not work for the patient, leaving them untreated. We regard that practice as unethical and as a conflict of interest. Hence, we do not sell treatments.

You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that our treatment recommendations are unbiased, that they are intended purely to help the patient, and that they never will be driven by self-serving economic considerations.


We provide long-term support to ensure that our patients both get well and stay well

We provide follow-up care and support services for our patients.

At some sleep centers, all care tragically ends upon completion of testing: leaving patients without any services to ensure that recommended treatments will be effective and well tolerated.

In contrast, at the CCH RSDC, we are dedicated to helping our patients both get and stay well. We “go the extra mile” to ensure such.

    • We see patients in the office for follow-up visits as warranted by their condition.
    • We respond promptly to all patient telephone calls and e-mails requesting assistance with problems they are experiencing.
    • We ensure that our patients’ primary care physicians and relevant specialists are kept fully informed of their treatments and status in a timely manner.
    • We also stand ready to help our patients who are concerned about possible sleep disorders that are afflicting their loved ones, friends and family members.

We are committed to making a lasting difference for all those who turn to us for assistance.

Are referrals required?

No, not unless they are required by your insurance company.

Insurance Coverage:

We participate in nearly all major health insurance plans. Examples include Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Cross and Blue Shield in nearly all other states, Aetna, United HealthCare, Medical Mutual of Ohio, and Humana.

You can help friends, family and co-workers who may have sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

Many of our patients express concern about loved ones and acquaintances likely to have sleep disorders–or who have not been adequately treated at other sleep centers. We share your concerns:

SLEEP APNEA appears more prevalent in men over 40 than diabetes and asthma. It is widespread among women and children as well. It even occurs in slender individuals. Loud snoring is not always present.

SLEEP APNEA AND RELATED DISORDERS “run in families” often afflicting multiple family members.

THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF UNTREATED SLEEP APNEA include heart attack, heart failure, stroke, accelerated development of coronary disease, high blood pressure, depression, mood swings, job loss, school failure, fibromyalgia, highway crashes, poor memory and concentration, ADHD symptoms, chronic fatigue, repeated awakenings to urinate, impotennight sweats, headaches and violent behaviors in sleep. While severe sleep apnea can prove fatal, death usually follows repeated complications with overwhelming medical expenses and prolonged suffering.


RELUCTANCE TO SEEK HELP IS COMMON. Many people do not realize or believe that they have a problem.

POOR CARE IS WIDESPREAD. Many sleep centers are operated as a “sideline” or purely for profit. Many do not evaluate patients thoroughly or ensure ongoing effective treatment–after which patients may be even more hesitant to pursue care for their sleep-related difficulties.

A brief screening questionnaire to be completed by the person with symptoms and by those who has observed their sleep or daytime alertness. The observers’ comments often convince people of the need to seek care. We review the questionnaire responses free of charge and send a letter with our impressions and recommendations.

Contact us for more information