Addiction Medicine

Are you ready to go on with your life?

COMPREHENSIVE & CONTINUM: drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction treatment centers in three Central Ohio locations:
Columbus, Marysville and Marion

Dr. Eskender Getachew M.D, R.Ph
Neurologist, Sleep Specialist, Pharmacist and certified to subscribe Suboxone.

Liz B. Williams, LISW, MSW, CST
25 years experience in the Counseling Therapy & specializes in many areas of psychological disorders.

Our primary goal is our patient’s complete and permanent sober recovery

  • Individualized, long term treatment plans
  • Medically supervised detox typically with Suboxone for Opiod dependency such as prescription pain killers, heroin and other drugs.
  • Thorough addiction recover plan and relapse prevention.
  • Diagnosing and treating co-occuring disorders such as sleep disorders, headache, seizure, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses coupled with substance abuse problems.

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