Abnormal Behaviors in Sleep


Some of these conditions have been termed arousal disorders because they involve arousals from deep, non-REM sleep.
What do they include? Such problems as screaming out, sleepwalking, abnormal body movements, tongue biting, night sweats, headaches, choking, shortness of breath, chest pains, abnormal heart rhythms, bedwetting, and sleep paralysis. Descriptions of these problems begin on page 3 of this self-care guide.
What causes them? Both sleep disorders and a variety of other factors, including medical and neurological conditions and medications that affect sleep.
IMPORTANT: ALL THESE ARE SYMPTOMS — NOT DIAGNOSES! EACH ONE CAN RESULT FROM A NUMBER OF DISTINCT UNDERLYING CAUSES THAT REQUIRE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TREATMENTS. So, it is important to clarify their specific cause in each person’s case, if they are to be brought under good control.

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